We’re having a party on Palm Sunday (March 25th!) 

We’ll be celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, when the people lined the streets, giving him the glory and honor he so richly deserved back then….the beginning of Holy Week.


Start the evening at 5:00 p.m. with “Dinner at the Diner”, our version of the burger-and-fries, juke box-playing hangout 
that was so popular in the 50’s! 

  /files/Events/Oldies concert pix 20120001LOCC Oldies concert 040112 015.JPG  /files/Events/Oldies concert pix 20120001LOCC Oldies concert 040112 017.JPG
  /files/Events/IMG_1881.JPG  We’ll be serving dinner until about 5:45, then head for the concert right next door to the diner.  We have our fantabulous band ready to play lots of the songs you remember from the 50’s and 60’s, along with a few extra singers to bring back those good ol' memories.

  When the concert is over, head back to the diner once more for a “build-it-yourself-Sundae”…a great way to end a great evening!/files/Events/Oldies concert pix 20120001LOCC Oldies concert 040112 107.JPG 

  /files/Coming Events/Oldies pictures 20120001LOCC Oldies concert 040112 049.JPG   

The cost is just $10.00 per
person and tickets can be purchased ahead of time
(space is limited at the
LOCC Diner
on Sunday mornings (come to our service at 10:45 a.m.!).

More questions?
Call the church office at


Then just be ready to have
a GROOVY time with us at
our Palm Sunday Party and
Oldies Concert! 
See ‘ya there!!!

  in the   Andy and Chris