Our Simple Process

Jesus left us with the command to make disciples of all nations. We take that Great Commission very seriously. But how do we accomplish this? Becoming an authentic follower of Jesus Christ is a process, a process in which your church partners with you. Here is our simple process for becoming more like Jesus. 


1. Come to Church

This is where it all starts. There is no substitute for being there. Transformation begins with God’s people reporting for duty, ready to sign up for the adventure of walking with Jesus. All of us have a holy appointment with God and each other every Sunday.


2. Join the Family 

God never intended for us to live our Christian lives in isolation. The Apostles and the first Christians drew near to each other in worship, in service, in instruction and in fellowship. They were devoted to each other. They called each other brother and sister, like a family. Therefore we offer a Welcome to the Family class for all who want to make Light on the Corner Church their church home.


3. Learn the Faith

Faith in Jesus opens the door to knowing and learning many eternal truths that are both very deep and highly practical. For this reason, Christianity has been called “a thinking man’s religion”. Once a person comes to faith in Christ, there is much to learn. Jesus said: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me”. With this in mind, we offer an eight week class called,
8 Things Every Christian Should Know
. This course is full of biblical truths for understanding what it means to be a Christian.    


4. Live the Faith  

A purely theoretical walk with God is useless. Jesus calls us to actually apply his teachings to daily life. Certainly the world is longing to see Christianity not just taught but lived. For those who want to put their Christian faith into practice, this challenging 28 week course focuses on six basic spiritual disciplines necessary for living a balanced and healthy Christian life. The concept is very simple, we learn by doing. As we simply obey the teachings of Jesus together, we find he reveals himself to us. We call this course MasterLife.